Website Design and Development

We help to design and develop beautiful and UX (User Experience) website of your business ensuring interaction between you and your clients occur very fluently and help you to grow your business through proper commitment. We have technical as well as creative expertise to design your website combined with our complete digital marketing techniques and strategies. We also update the website from time to time.

Digital Marketing

As one of the finest Digital Marketing Services Provider in Nepal, we help you to turn your traditional business into Digital business. We promote your business in an online world which helps your business to grow faster, increase sales and services and increase your clients by targeting your potential audience. Digital Marketing Service includes all the online marketing forms like SSM, PPC Marketing, Content Marketing and many more.

Email Marketing

Looking for the best email marketing software for your business? We provide the best email marketing services in the market at an affordable price. Marketing of your products and services by email can be cost-effective, flexible and cheap as compare to other marketing tools. You can easily reach your target audience and receive maximum clients in a short period.

Social Media Marketing [SMM]

We promote your products and services and manage a brand’s presence to all social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. Social media platforms help you to connect and engage with your potential audience, increase awareness about your brand, build brand loyalty and increase your leads and sales.

Video Marketing

We provide video marketing services that help to increase your audience, engagement, add personality to your brand and show the visual explanation of your products and services. If you are running the business then it is most important to shift towards the video marketing strategy. Video marketing is the most powerful tool to increase the conversion ratio and sales.

Graphics Designing

We help to fulfill the design, visual and creative needs of your business with our affordable graphic design services. From identifying the desired design outcome, researching the latest design trends in your industry, brainstorming design ideas, sketching out mockups, building and putting the design into production, Our Graphic Design Services can help you establish connect, interact, and engage with your targeted customers – in a meaningful manner.

Facebook Marketing

Being a Facebook advertising company, Satlok Technology and Digital Marketing present your business in a creative manner such that people scrolling Facebook pages will check out your business or services at least once. We got a passionate social media marketing team that applies quality techniques to promote your business in such a huge audience collector social media platform to target more and more audiences.

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

We provide services of Local SEO, On-page SEO, and Off-Page SEO. SEO can keep your business ahead of your competitors. Our SEO Expert team will optimize your website by generating organic search results so that it can achieve top ranking on search engines like google, bing. The majority of the user who searches on google, bing have mainly click on top 10 search results.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing

We offer Pay-Per-click (PPC) / Google Ads marketing for your business to increase leads and sales. Our expert team will run the PPC campaign which helps to appear in top search results instantly by targeting the right audience. In PPC marketing you only need to pay when your ads get a click by any audience, so advertiser loves PPC advertising.

Business Branding

We help in expanding your business by reaching out to your clients and giving them proper knowledge about your business and making a memorable impression and know limitation as well as what to expect from your services or business. We have already helped some companies to achieve significant fan growth through business branding.


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