The concept of video marketing isn’t that complex. Instead, it’s a standard idea for digital marketing. Video marketing simply means using video to market the market of your brand.

Video marketing is often used for everything from building customer rapport, to promoting your brand, services or products. Additionally, video marketing can function as a medium to present how-to’s, promote customer testimonials, live-stream events and deliver viral (entertaining) content.

How video marketing works?

On the surface, the how of video marketing is pretty simple: Your brand creates videos that, in how or another, promote your company, drive sales, raise awareness of your products or services, or engage your customers. In practice, it’s a little more complicated. Like many of your marketing efforts, video marketing is data-driven, so you’ll want to watch various metrics and track customer engagement.

To develop your video marketing strategy, you’ll want to:

  • Allocate resources: You’re going to need to designate some budget for video – at the least, decent equipment, good editing software, and a video marketing guru (or, better, team) – as well as time to create it.
  • Tell your stories: Storytelling has never been as important as it is in the video, so get brainstorming: What stories do you want to tell? How will you tell them?
  • Engage: It’s not enough to easily tell your stories; you want to engage your audience while you are doing so. How will you make your stories interesting? What will hook your audience?
  • Keep it short: There’s no set length for marketing videos (although there are recommendations), but the overall rule is that shorter is best. Be ruthless with your editing. Cut, cut, cut out everything extraneous. Attention spans are short, so make the best of what you get.
  • Publish: Publish your videos far and wide – embedded in your website, uploaded to Google-owned YouTube, and on all of your social media channels. Then, promote, promote, promote.
  • Analyze: Track metrics and stats, to determine which videos do the best – and why


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